Vibram FiveFingers Flow Shoe-Gloves

camping tents Vibram FiveFingers Flow Shoe-Gloves
If you’ve ever wished that you could go barefoot in the great outdoors, here’s your chance – just slip on Vibram’s FiveFingers Flow Shoe-Gloves. These five-toed shoe-gloves are made to mimic the feel of walking barefoot but with the protection of a thin rubber sole. Go trail hiking, climbing, kayaking, sailing or trekking – FiveFingers Flow will keep your tender tootsies safe and comfy. Made with 1.2mm Neoprene lining and a 2mm EVA footbed, FiveFingers Flow gives you both thermal insulation and protection. Plus, the new GM50 performance rubber is razor-siped for added slip resistance over a variety of surfaces. Buy them at Mountain Equipment Co-op for $90. Vibram.Your email address will not be published.

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