Taiga Bivy Shelter

camping tents Taiga Bivy Shelter
When you’re going at it solo, there’s no need to carry any more than you have to. Go light with the Taiga Bivy Shelter. Available in two sizes (medium and large), the Taiga Bivy Shelter is a comfortable one-person cocoon with plenty of headroom. Giving you shelter from all kinds of weather conditions, this Taiga camping tent has tape-welded seams, along with a shock-corded aluminum pole, a waterproof/breathable top, and a waterproof bottom. Other features the Taiga Bivy Shelter comes equipped with are a 60-inch side/front zipper, screened roll-down front, two hooded zip vents and a zip flap covered PVC window. Pick one up for $259.50. Taiga.Your email address will not be published.

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