SolLight LightCap200 Solar-Powered Lantern

camping tents SolLight LightCap200 Solar-Powered Lantern
If you want to put your old polycarbonate water bottles to good use, try the SolLight LightCap200 solar-powered lantern. Ideal for the campsite, the LightCap200 solar-powered lantern produces light free from batteries, chemicals, electric cords or fire hazards. Simply fill your bottle, top it with the LightCap200, and a built-in sensor turns the super-bright white LEDs light on when it gets dark out. The LightCap200 weighs just 2.6 oz. – lighter than most lanterns out there – making it a great gadget for the campers watching their weight. Best of all, the LightCap200 solar-powered lantern comes at a price of just $19.95. SolLight.Your email address will not be published.

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