Orvis LED Hat

camping tents Orvis LED Hat
The Orvis LED Hat takes lighting to a new level of fashion and function. Offering illumination at night and sun-protection during the day, this enlightened design incorporates the convenience of a hands-free, lightweight LED light into a comfortable, wearable baseball cap design. The LED Hat weighs the same as a conventional cap, but it’s so much more. Two ultra-bright LED lights are built into the brim and are powered by two lithium coin batteries. The LED Hat eliminates fumbling in the dark – enjoy low-light fishing, read maps, or set up your tent in the dark without having to struggle with a flashlight. The LED Hat is pictured in khaki, and is also available in navy, with or without the Orvis logo. Retails for $25.00. Orvis.Your email address will not be published.

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