Nemo Isopod Camping Tent

camping tents Nemo Isopod Camping Tent
Made for extreme temperatures, the Nemo Isopod Camping Tent was designed for polar explorers! A new hi-tech camping tent, the Isopod is made from a breathable, metalized fabric described as a “space blanket that breathes” called “OSMO EX.” This fabric is an “air-permeable reflective insulation” material that is designed to increase the interior temperature of the tent. Also unique about this Nemo camping ten is its white nylon windows that let sunlight to pass through, and the sun’s heat will then be absorbed by the floor fabric. This freestanding tent allows you to set up outer shell first and then get inside that shell and attach the inner tent body and floor to complete the setup. The tent will be available next spring for $3,400. Nemo Equipment Inc.
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