Headsweats Coolmax Skullcap Beanie

camping tents Headsweats Coolmax Skullcap Beanie
It’s warmth for your head in the palm of your hand – it’s the Headsweats CoolMax Skullcap beanie. Ideal for those cold weather excursions when you want to be prepared without being overdressed, the CoolMax Skullcap is small enough to fit easily and unnoticeably in your pocket, but when the chill starts to set it, you’ll be glad you’ve got this little piece of protection. Just pull it out and pull it on. The CoolMax material draws moisture away from your skin while preserving your precious body heat and protecting you from wind and cold. Buy the CoolMax Skullcap beanie for $14. Headsweats.Your email address will not be published.

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