Coghlan’s Folding Camp Shovel

camping tents Coghlan’s Folding Camp Shovel
Rule #1 when out in the wilderness is to “always be prepared” – the Boy Scouts will attest to this, and helping you put that philosophy into practice is Coghlan’s Folding Camp Shovel. You never know when you’ll need to dig a hole – whether it’s for a fire pit, or clearing a spot for your tent. Its sturdy all-steel construction and 23-inch length provide excellent leverage for digging, and the D-handle is comfortable to grasp. When you’re done, this collapsible shovel folds down to a compact 10 inches. It’s perfect for camping, trekking, or keep it stored in your car for any unforeseen emergencies. The Folding Camp Shovel retails for $16.00. Coghlan’s.Your email address will not be published.

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