Brunton L5 5-Watt Headlamp

camping tents Brunton L5 5-Watt Headlamp
The the jewel in the crown of the Brunton L5 5-Watt Headlamp is a five-watt Luxeon K2 LED – one of the brightest LEDs around. Powered by an external 4.5V battery, the L5 headlamp emits a flood of light. It lights up your path 203 ft. ahead, and features a long distance spotlight with close-up capability, so whether you’re mobile, or resting a while to check your map, it’s a great gadget to have. A nice feature is that, when the batteries start to go, rather than dying like most other lamps, the L5 decreases its output to 15 per cent, so you’re never left totally in the dark. The L5 5-Watt Headlamp retails for $199.00. Brunton.Your email address will not be published.

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