2008 Klättermusen Mjolner Backpack

camping tents 2008 Klättermusen Mjolner BackpackThe new, eco-friendly must-have camping accessory is the 2008 Klättermusen Mjolner backpack. The Swedish company offers the Mjolner backpack in five sizes: men’s 60-liter, 75-liter and 100-liter designs; and women’s 60-liter and 70-liter designs. At about 6.2 pounds, the Mjolner backpack isn’t quite what you’d consider a lightweight pack, but its durability certainly makes up for that. This pack is definitely made for use (and abuse) in the backcountry. And, helping you to enjoy the great outdoors for years to come, Klättermusen donates one per cent of turnover to various environmental projects. Aside from that, the Mjolner backpack looks pretty cool too. Klättermusen
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