2008 Eton FR500 Solarlink Radio

camping tents You never know where your backcountry adventures will take you – that’s a pretty good reason to come prepared, with the Eton FR500 Solarlink Radio. Functioning as an AM/FM/shortwave/NOAA weather radio, with a built-in LED flashlight, SOS beacon and a siren, what really makes the FR500 Solarlink radio a must-have is its reliability. […]

Kershaw Camp Tool Blade Trader

camping tents The Kershaw Camp Tool Blade Trader offers the convenience of many tools without the bulk. The idea behind the Camp Tool Blade Trader is simple – it’s a single handle with multiple interchangeable tool tops. Having fish for dinner? Snap on the fish-fillet blade easily and safely, thanks to Blade Trader’s Quik-Lock mechanism. […]

SolLight LightCap200 Solar-Powered Lantern

camping tents If you want to put your old polycarbonate water bottles to good use, try the SolLight LightCap200 solar-powered lantern. Ideal for the campsite, the LightCap200 solar-powered lantern produces light free from batteries, chemicals, electric cords or fire hazards. Simply fill your bottle, top it with the LightCap200, and a built-in sensor turns the […]