TreePee Camping Tent

camping tents TreePee Camping Tent
Looking for a heightened camping experience? Try the TreePee camping tent on for size. Suspend the TreePee tent from a tree and let the gentle sway rock you to sleep. And, you’ll sleep sounder knowing that you’ll be safe from ground moisture and critters that slither. The TreePee tent features four tethers – one in each corner – to secure it in place. A pulley system lets you hoist the tent up and down effortlessly. The TreePee tent is made of UV-protected, fire-retardant, water-repellent and PU-coated fabric. Mesh on the windows allows for ventilation while maintaining a bug-free zone. Measuring 5 by 5 by 8 ft., there’s plenty of room inside. TreePee is available in green, khaki and pink, and retails for approximately $600. Boys Stuff.Your email address will not be published.

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