SyncPack frontpack carrier

camping tents SyncPack frontpack carrier
It’s all backwards, but it works! The SyncPack frontpack carrier puts its best foot forward, along with your gear, for a balanced and comfortable carrying experience. By taking some of the weight off your back and moving it to your chest, the SyncPack frontpack carrier restores your natural posture and takes the pressure off your back and shoulders. The telescoping frame slides to twist and bend with your torso and lets you move freely without the burden of a big, bulky pack. The quick-release connectors attach to your backpack’s shoulder straps and hip belt, allowing for easy removal. The frontpack design isn’t just good for your posture but it’s convenient too, offering quick access to your maps, camera, flashlight, water or whatever else you want to take on your trek. SyncPack
via Trail Gear.
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