OHSO Travel Toothbrush

camping tents OHSO Travel Toothbrush
When you’re camping, something as simple as brushing your teeth can be a hassle. You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is with the OHSO Travel Toothbrush. But to call it just a “toothbrush” is misleading. The OHSO is the self-dispensing toothpaste-toothbrush combination – great for campers packing with space restraints. Simply fill up the handle with your toothpaste of choice – a clear window lets you see how much toothpaste is in the chamber. Then twist the travel toothbrush into the handle for storage. Thereafter, wherever and whenever you need a brushing, simply turn the handle clockwise to dispense paste into the brush, and you’re all set. The OHSO won’t leak in your carrying bag, and replaceable bristles are available for $7.95. Buy the OHSO travel toothbrush for $19.95. OHSO via Gadget Extra.Your email address will not be published.

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