Myhab disposable shelter

camping tents Myhab disposable shelter
With the Myhab disposable shelter, Woodstock would have looked a little different. This waterproof and recyclable tent replacement is an eco-friendly solution to the problems posed by a) lugging your muddy tent home after a weekend of partying, and b) ditching the dirty tent at the campsite when you’re done with it – both less-than-desirable options. While the Myhab disposable shelter resembles a plain old cardboard box from the outside, you have to look on the inside to see its true beauty. This cozy shelter for two contains a cushioned pad for sweet dreams, a locker secured by a PIN and lighting – all in all a great little shelter to call “home” for a couple of days. You can even personalize your Myhab with your name. Watch for it in 2008 at campsites near you, retailing in the ballpark of $120.00 – $200.00. Myhab.
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