Midland GXT800VP4 two-way radio

camping tents Midland GXT800VP4 two-way radio
Open the lines of communication with the Midland GXT800VP4 two-way radio. The Midland GXT800VP4 two-way radio set includes two waterproof radios offering approximately a 26-mile range; 22 channels of both Family Radio Service and General Mobile Radio Service; 142 privacy codes; 3,124 channel options; and channel scan. Because you can’t predict the weather, NOAA Weather Alert Radio is a nice feature that let’s you see what’s coming before it hits. Other handy features include Auto Squelch, which eliminates any background noise, an easy-to-read LCD back-lit display, HI/MED/LO power settings, and because batteries can’t last forever, the set also includes a battery life extender, dual desk charger, AC wall adapter, DC vehicle adapter and rechargeable battery packs. This two-way radio retails for $109.99. Midland.Your email address will not be published.

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