Heated Camping Chair by Heat Seat

camping tents Heated Camping Chair by Heat SeatIntroducing the Seat Heater, a portable heated camping chair in a bag by Heat Seat, LLC. This patent pending camping chair design boasts a collapsible heating element that warms bottom and back of the chair. Seat Heater easily folds up into a neat bag allowing you to carry it with ease or drop it in a car trunk. If you get cold while camping or simply enjoying the outdoors then this heated chair is just what you want to stay warm. High quality and comfortable, the chair comes with a rechargeable battery with adjustable heat settings (high, medium, and low). The battery lasts between 3-5 hours depending on the setting. Going to your kid’s outdoor events, hunting, camping or fishing? Use this chair anywhere year round, for yourself or your friends – it’s comfortably oversized to accommodate up to 300 lbs. Once recharged in an A/C outlet, it gets heated almost instantly. For added convenience, there are extra pockets to hold camera, phone, and even car keys. The Lithium Ion battery should last for over 400 recharges. Bag, battery and charger are included. Visit Heat Seat to purchase.

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