Granite Gear Expedition Pulk Sled

camping tents Granite Gear Expedition Pulk Sled
Getting there is half the battle, and such is the case with some of the best camping spots – especially through the hills and snow. So, make your journey a smooth one with the Granite Gear Granite Gear Expedition Pulk Sled. Nicknamed “The Snow Schooner,” the smooth-pulling Expedition Pulk Sled offers a 15,000-cube capacity – room for all your camping necessities, and even a few extras. The sled’s thermo-molded, high-molecular weight hull is lightweight and creates little friction, so dragging this sled really isn’t a drag at all. At 16.75 lbs., the Expedition Pulk Sled includes a full-body harness, sled and a durable High Tenacity 210 Denier Cordura cover to keep your gear clean and dry as you make trails. Three compression straps ensure a secure load, and a full-length zipper keeps it easily accessible. Don’t make getting there half the battle, make it half the fun. Buy the Expedition Pulk Sled for $600. Granite Gear.Your email address will not be published.

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