Firebox Wireless Outdoor Solar Speaker

camping tents Firebox Wireless Outdoor Solar Speaker
Your music is the final (and arguably most important) step to getting your al fresco party started, but nothing kills the mood like tangled extension cords, dead batteries or wet weather. Put all those woes to rest, and enjoy the music, with the Firebox Wireless Outdoor Solar Speaker. Simply place it in the middle of the action and this five-watt speaker will pump up the beat to 70 dbs. The speaker features a built-in eco-friendly solar panel that charges the battery using the sun’s rays, ensuring your tunes won’t go flat on you. A wireless (but battery-powered) transmitter plugs into your MP3 player, CD player or radio, and transmits the signal to the speaker from up to 150 ft. away. The Wireless Outdoor Solar Speaker retails for approximately $199.00. Firebox.
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