Evergreen Outback Gourmet Camp Stove

camping tents Evergreen Outback Gourmet Camp Stove
Forget ever roughing it again – with the Evergreen Outback Gourmet Camp Stove, you can prepare and enjoy all of your favorite meals in the great outdoors! Indoors or out, the Outback Gourmet is a handy gadget that looks as good as it works – its stainless steel exterior is combined with a high-temp porcelain interior, while its oven door seal ensures efficient operation. Giving you 3500 BTU to cook with, this Evergreen camp stove heats to 425ºF and runs on a standard 20-lb. propane tank or disposable 1-lb. propane tank. Other features include tempered glass see-thru window, two upper burners, automatic gas safety shut-off control, adjustable wind screen and oven temperature gauge. Evergreen Outdoors.hi i’ve got a cool stove like that one,we are doing our bus up and now we have noticed that we don’t have any where to put our stove..got a bed but it has taken up most of the bus not to worry i’m not going to part from my stove love it Evergreen Outback Gourmet Camp StoveCan you please sign me up for your newsletterYour email address will not be published.

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