Coleman Electronic Radio Cooler

camping tents Coleman Electronic Radio Cooler
With food, drinks and music to offer, the Coleman Electronic Radio Cooler will be the most honored guest of the party. The 36-qt. Electronic Radio Cooler holds 46 cans, so pack it with ice let the drinks chill. When the ice has melted, the channel drain means you don’t have to tilt it to get the water out. The hinged, insulated lid ensures everything stored within is secure, and the two-way handles make carrying easy. When it’s time to pump up the volume or just play some soft, soothing sounds, the Electronic Radio Cooler features AM/FM radio, an MP3 jack, and ½-watt speakers. But when you’re the only one who wants to hear the music, the headphone jack lets you keep it to yourself. Also built in is a clock and an alarm. Buy it for $69.49 at Coleman.Your email address will not be published.

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