Byer Moskito Traveller Hammock

camping tents Byer Moskito Traveller Hammock
If your idea of sweet dreams doesn’t include pesky mosquitoes, keep them away by sleeping in the Byer Moskito Traveller Hammock. Creating a comfortable, mosquito-free cocoon, the Moskito Traveller Hammock features a fine mesh net, which is supported by a shock cord to suspend the mesh overhead and out of your way. Below you, the bottom of the hammock is made of durable parachute nylon and can support a weight of up to 240 lbs. The Moskito Traveller Hammock weighs just 16 oz., and for easy packing, it features a built-in storage bag that doubles as a pouch to hold your flashlight, keys or glasses while you sleep. Buy it for $29.19. Byer.Your email address will not be published.

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