BladeRunner Trailblazer GPS Jacket

camping tents BladeRunner Trailblazer GPS Jacket
The latest and greatest in multi-purpose camping gear brings two outdoor essentials together in the form of the BladeRunner Trailblazer GPS Jacket. The Trailblazer GPS Jacket features a built-in tracking system that transmits your position to an online source – a computer, your cell phone or Blackberry. No matter where in the world your treks take you, the Trailblazer GPS Jacket guarantees the peace of mind that you or your loved ones are on the right track. In fact, this GPS system is so accurate, it pinpoints your location within four meters. This is the only jacket that requires a monthly fee of approximately $20 to do its job, but once you try it on for size, you may be lost without it. The Trailblazer GPS Jacket is available in adult size for approximately $718, and for kids priced at about $513. BladeRunner
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