Black Diamond Wiz Kids’ Headlamp

camping tents Black Diamond Wiz Kids’ HeadlampRemember: safety first for a great camping experience, so when you’ve got the little ones tagging along outdoors, make sure they’re wearing the Black Diamond Wiz headlamp. Specially designed for kids, the Wiz headlamp features a smaller-sized headband that fits a child’s little head and releases under force, and the fun pattern in black/orange or fuchsia/pink makes safety cool for the kids. Flick the “on” switch for a toned-down illumination to light their way without blinding the parents who are standing by, or choose the strobe mode, and if the tykes get all tuckered out and forget to turn their headlamps off, the Wiz features automatic-off after one hour. Buy the Wiz headlamp for $17.95. Black Diamond.Your email address will not be published.

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